SLICE Soft Launch

On 21 September 2019, we welcomed over 100 visitors potential collaborators and food enthusiasts to our playground. Many enjoyed our special Jurong Kaya, made with pandan leaves from the Jurong Eco Garden backyard (and lotsa love) by our low-vision chefs from Fortitude Culina.

Here’s a a quick introduction to who we are:

What is SLICE?
Jointly kickstarted by Mistletoe and JTC, SLICE is an experimental platform where innovators can testbed their ideas relating to the future of food and agriculture, and integrate them into a full value chain. (Hooray, no more testbedding in silo!)

How do you envision the future of food?
Our vision is a ‘zero-miles’, decentralised food system. Every community is capable of growing locally where they consume, and is self-sustainable in their food supply. Robots will augment our abilities, and not replace us. Cheers to greater human autonomy!

Are there specific subsectors that SLICE is looking into? 
We look at innovative solutions across the full food value chain – from how food is produced, to how it is prepared and consumed, and even ways in which food waste can be ploughed back into the system to close the loop. #trashtotreasure

Is SLICE open to diners?
SLICE is not open for commercial operations yet, as we are still predominantly a R&D platform for food innovation. However, great things are worth the wait. Stay tuned to our social media and newsletter for updates on future ‘pop-up’ dining events!

I’ve an idea relating to the future of food. How can I get involved?
Drop us an email, and we will arrange a chat! We hope that innovators supported by the right technologies can join us to reinvent the wheel and map out a new fresh food economy.

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