A ‘Grow-Your-Own’ Contest brought to you by SLICE

Our food system is broken. Flanked by the challenges we face today (food waste, labor crunch, climate change), and a backdrop where food demand is expected to double by 2050, proceeding ‘business-as-usual’ is simply unsustainable.

We need to radically rethink how we will feed ourselves, starting from the very fundamentals of how we grow our own food. 

So why not get in touch with your food source by growing your own ingredients? Not only does this reconnect us with nature, it’s a great bonding activity to try with your family!

Many of us who have tried growing something of our own found the process to be deeply rewarding. And today, we want to share that joy by inviting you to join us on a journey to grow our own edible crops. From scratch. 

Wait no further. Let’s #GetGrowin!

  1. Decide on an edible plant to grow over the next 8 weeks. 
  2. Share your progress on IG. Follow and tag us at @slicerobocafe in your post/story, and hashtag #justgrowlah.
  3. Start growing, and stand to win attractive prizes! (Don’t know where to start? Fret not. Over this period, we will also share tips to help you get started, as well as ways to care for and boost the growth of your plants!)
  4. Register your participation by filling out the form below by latest 18 May 2020.
Farming Experience(required)

Did we say prizes? Yes, you heard that right! We have dining vouchers, local produce, and a very special SLICE mystery gift awaiting top submissions from the following categories:

Mad Scientist – The one who comes up with the most innovative growing set-up e.g. makes use of resources efficiently, pot/planter box made of sustainable materials

Apple Of My Eye – The one that catches the eye through its form, shape or colors

The Lush Rush – The one that is highest-yielding and most bang for buck

Power-Packed Plant (Triple P) – The one that is choked-full of nutrients and vitamins and basically all the good stuff

The Indigenous One – The one that is often forgotten, the rarity that occurs naturally in our land and perfect for our climate

*** To qualify for prizes ***

  • Register your participation through the form above by the deadline of 18 May*.
  • Follow us on IG at @slicerobocafe
  • At each of these milestones, take a picture or video (either IG post or story) to show us how you’re progressing:
    • Completed growing setup
    • Your seedling/cutting
    • How you enhance plant growth
    • Your final product (Plant must be edible and alive – duh) 
  • Don’t forget to tag us at @slicerobocafe and hashtag #justgrowlah in your posts/story!

*We will still accept submissions after 18 May, though only those who have submitted by the deadline will qualify for prizes.

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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