Virtual Open House #2 – Recap!

3 July 2020 – A new vidcast series with Atsushi Taira, an update on AudaCities: Humanity Design Summit, and Moonshot: Permacolony – a global challenge for innovators.

We are inviting startups from all over the world to join us in creating permaculture communities that are not only 100% self-sustainable in food and energy, but also empowered to enable human flourishing. Not sure what qualifies? Yang En and Jayden interviews Audacity seed project members to get some ideas:

Find out more about the moonshot challenge here.

But what is human flourishing?

Project Flourish defines human flourishing as the ability to experience happiness & life satisfaction, maintain high mental & physical health, find meaning & purpose in what they do with a strong sense of character & virtue and having plenty of strong close social relationships.

In the context of Permacolony, the team’s vision is an adaptive ecosystem that embraces human autonomy, an integrated community, transformative technologies, a personalised flourishing growth plan and achieving self-transendence.

On a wider scale, Project Flourish recently held a virtual gathering of cross-disciplinary experts from around the world to discuss how the mesh of Wellbeing x Tech x Cities can be achieved to address mental health and develop human potential for all. Get an update about the summit from the video below. If you’re interested in being a part of these conversations, sign up for our Flourishing Jam here.

Startup Unleashed! with Joginder Tanikella

Atsushi Taira made his debut as a vidcaster with a Startup Unleashed! series. Each month, @Sushi will get founders from Mistletoe’s social impact community to share the grit and joys of their hero’s journey. Our first guest was Joginder Tanikella, Founder and CEO of Pulse Active Stations Network.

Most innovators find it really hard to stop at one idea and Joginder is one of them. From a simple luggage add on for frequent travellers to a robot bar, Joginder gave us a sneak at both his past and future ideas all driven from his desire to help others. Pulse Active Stations was the result of a personal health hurdle and with that, he had enabled a network of health monitoring stations that had generated over 8 million health data points, pivoting the lifestyle of over 800,000 Indians and counting…

Get inspired:

The next virtual open house will be a special Singapore edition, just before the National Day weekend on 7 August – RSVP here!


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