Audacity Turns Two!

Audacity will celebrate its 2nd birthday next month. 

After many interesting ideations and discussions, Audacity was registered and officially launched in late September 2019.  Three months later, covid-19 changed the world. We had just enough time to pull together a small organising team, throw a few rocking parties and events before the world went into its first covid-19 lockdown.

Today, we have about a dozen community organisers supporting a flourishing community – over 150 innovators based in Singapore and many more based internationally. 

This month also saw another Audacity startup get funded – emerging from the venture building and due diligence phases to secure one of the larger pre-seed deals in Southeast Asia. This most recent addition is a decentralised bio-reactor startup, founded by a young inventor who completed his phd in physics not long ago. He had his pick of jobs in academia and corporate, but chose to take the path less travelled. We are happy and proud to support his journey to change how resources are created, distributed, and shared around the world. Here’s to wonderful and exciting adventures with Alan and more such fellow travellers on the road to change!

Thirdly, Audacity recently welcomed its first batch of student community organisers. We have been deeply impressed by the thoughts and actions of these precocious teenagers and Gen-Zs.  The 2020s is a pivotal decade for humanity, probably the most pivotal decade for life we will witness. With the right support, this generation is more than capable of building the next exponentially improved iteration of planetary civilisations. 

Last but not least, much love to the first O.G. Audacity community organisers and supporters who built this experiment from 0 to 1. We won’t mention names in deference to our community value of leading by serving. But you know who you are, we love you, and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together. 

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