Future of travel

Terrearth did an internal launch to the community at the end of August. In our bid to make travel a force for good against climate change and planetary devastation, we want to revolutionise the art of travel. We asked our community members what characteristics their ideal holiday would have. Here’s a quick look at what the fun bunch has to say! 

Word map of the community’s ideal travel experience

Current travel is plagued with criticisms of high carbon footprint, destroying environments, and loss of local cultures. Efforts to introduce ecotourism have been stepped up in recent years. However, companies in this space are accused of greenwashing. Besides, options are highly inflexible, and it remains difficult to strike a balance between planetary regeneration and enjoyment. I wanted to give WWOOF a try on my recent trip to Germany. However, most opportunities available required me to commit minimally 2-3 weeks on the farm. It was a difficult commitment to make without a good understanding of whether the opportunity will be a good match. 

What would the future of travel be amidst the climate crisis? Travel is here to stay, and the transition towards regenerative travel is inevitable. What would mainstream regenerative travel be?  

I believe that regenerative travels would embody these 4 traits: 

  1. Simple – easy adoption 
  2. Immersive – slow down and take time to appreciate the journey
  3. Flexible – don’t overcommit  
  4. Adventurous – be comfortable uncovering new gems

Travelers will be able to terraform (production of habitability) on the go, enable culture and nature to thrive where they visit. We will be taking immersive trips, soaking ourselves in the beauty of the destinations we pass. We will seek authentic experiences, interact with locals and enjoy exploring beyond mainstream travel destinations. We will travel with much more intention, move away from a practice of mindlessly checking off to-dos. A successful trip will be defined by how much we improve ourselves, the environment, and the communities we visit. 

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