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We asked Liquidstar for feedback on their experience at last year’s Moonshot: Permacolony so that we could give potential participants an idea of what to expect. Permacolony aside, their words of advice applies to startups / founders who want to make the most impact out of any opportunities that they are participating in. Thank you Conor and Scott!

How was your experience during Moonshot: Permacolony 2020?

During a year converted to remote events, Moonshot: Permacolony stood out as one of the most dense and intensive sessions. Far more compressed than other structures, it proved to be one of the most effective usages of time, providing great exposure to different individuals and ideas and creating lasting high value relationships.

This program helps considerably by forcing startups to reflect on themselves through the eyes of mentors, investors, and other startup founders/peers.

What do you think is important for startups to think about when building an alternative future?

It is important to balance the ability to communicate a vision in all of its aspirational glory with business reality and pragmatism of reaching that vision. For those working on some of the tougher problems facing humanity and the environment, it can be a lonely road at times.

Closing the loop on the global network of folks also working to solve these challenges is essential as a collective effort from different perspectives is needed to achieve the goals we work towards.

What are the three key takeaways or tips for participating startups to make the best out of this opportunity?

1. Engagement is key – reach out and take advantage of the amazing individuals who are there to help, it is rare that such an interesting group of people openly converge in the same week.

2. Be open to the high intensity format – While the schedule may seem overwhelming, the week-long sprint, in this case, seems to be more effective than more drawn out multi month programs – it also helped to have founders in multiple global time zones.

3. The other teams involved are working on great projects and are amazing individuals, definitely keep in touch as they are also building part of the future vision we all strive for and there are many opportunities for overlap and support.

How has the program helped to propel Liquidstar forward since your participation last year?

Moonshot: Permacolony was a great program that has helped us to find incredible strategic investors that share our vision yet understand the realities that come with it. This has made the world smaller as we have found many overlaps between networks and the potential to cross collaborate and work together. The broader challenges ahead must be done in collaboration with other passionate experts and this is an excellent opportunity to broaden networks and work together towards a common goal for a better future.

About Liquidstar

Liquidstar is creating the wireless grid of the future. Bringing clean renewable electricity to the people that need it the most.

The startup was the result of researching on how to best leverage the intersection of blockchain with IoT, along with other emergent and newly commoditized technologies, to tackle some of the biggest environmental, humanitarian, and industrial challenges facing civilization. The team started with a blockchain based solar microgrid utility case study in 2016 and moved into protocol level self sovereign identity as a means to connect HUMAN+COMPANY+DEVICE (identities) – an essential component needed to enable the secure, ultra efficient Decentralized Autonomous Utilities of the future. 

With this newly developed identity backbone tool functioning at the heart of Liquidstar batteries and Waypoint charging stations, their vision is to create the core ‘Decentralized Autonomous Utility’ software platform to enable various futuristic applications to operate with high autonomy and security.

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