Gavin on Creative Dreaming

Sleep is a part of everyone’s lives and I believed that with the Creative Mode, we could revolutionise the way we utilise our sleep or more specifically our lucid dreams.

I resonate closely with the Health Science industry as my education journey dictates. The scientific research studies that have supported chronic pain resolution and decreased rehabilitation time periods by lucid dreaming have only accentuated my passion for the idea of controlling lucid dreaming. The ability to control your dreams and train specific exercises in your head while promoting neural connections for a faster recovery, is beyond incredible to me. If optimised, this could be a quantum leap for Health as we know it.

“10,000 hours of practice is needed to be world-class in any field”. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce that time frame by almost an eighth? What if, there was a way we could, in the comfort of our own beds?

There are quite a few athletes who actually use lucid dreaming to practice and improve their respective skills. Beyond just improving motor skills, lucid dreaming can be used to rehearse for just about anything in life: an important meeting, a big presentation, a surgical procedure, or a difficult conversation.

I think it is important for us to feel that we optimise our day to its maximum potential from the moment our alarms go off. We all want optimum performance. To be the best versions of ourselves. To seize the day. But we usually do that at the cost of a good night’s sleep.

With lucid dreaming you gain access to the world’s most powerful virtual reality simulation, your subconscious mind. Getting access to your subconscious mind and having a conversation with ourselves is a very powerful tool. This is probably the most valuable thing to do in a lucid dream.

I believe the inner child in all of us can relate to wanting to know what it’s like to fly, to sail the seven seas, and to slay larger than life demons beyond our wildest dreams. The lucid dream space is the perfect space to tap on that nostalgic childlike imagination and unlock it again after it’s been stored away behind bars from many years of adulting.

Creative Mode has made me imagine dreams as more than just nightmares & free falling, I see it as an opportunity to take control of them. In turn, utilising more time in our lives! Naturally, I wanted to make this experience accessible and enjoyable to everybody.

It was important to me that people learn to embrace the remarkable role of being their own masters in their dreams to dictate their success in reality, at no expense of creativity.

All in all, Creative Mode gave me the opportunity to ultimately aim to revolutionise the future of lucid dreaming and strive for a flourishing lifestyle.

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