Irfan on Circular Fashion

Reflection on LoopHoop – Irfan

Till up to today, every time I look at something beautiful, I can hear Kim’s voice “will you wear this for 30 years”. It got me thinking that I don’t need a lot of stuff. Yes it may be nice and it must look good on social media but I don’t need all this. More of a want. For example 6 months ago before Audacity, I was a signed to Systmz. In intern at that company for 1 semester module. I remember going to Uniqlo and get brand new clothing because I told myself new year new irfan right. But mostly I use the excuse I needed office casual wear, and most of my stuff i owned is floral or loud bright prints. Fast forward to today, I don’t even wear any of them anymore. It’s all in my closet hanging. I must say Kim make me think twice before getting any new clothing.

It’s funny how when I was younger I always wanted to be an artist or designer and make beautiful things. I remember I find joy in looking at magazine covers, artwork hanging on the gallery, and collecting figures and told myself can’t wait to make beautiful artwork. But I think the time has changed right. In Audacity, I feel there is a bigger meaning to the word “designer”. I remember on my first day as an intern, someone even asks me what does a graphic designer doing here. Hahaha, he or she shall not be named. But yeah I feel designers now play a bigger role now. We hope that we can change society’s thoughts on an issue. We believe we can reimagine and translate that to our work.

My time in loop hoop was so interesting and eye-opener as I managed to rediscover and understand a lot of stuff. I must say I am a little slow as I do not know most of the stuff and term my team use. So usually i have to dive in on the research part a little longer. But kind of enjoy the process. The whole idea of WorkerBeez was so fun to develop as we trying to solve so many issues in one. Bridging the old generation with technology to helping retirement workers and more. And how it link to Loop Hoop is we encourage people to fix their torn outfit rather then see it as spoiled. Not only designing the app is my favourite part but managed to bounce my ideas to Kim was amazing. I had such a good mentor that I can collaborate and it is always interesting to hear someone else idea.

I couldn’t believe 3 months had just passed like that. It was hard and struggle to catch up with all the smart Uni kids but I sure had fun making mistakes, learning so much brand new information and knowledge from one another. I mean I did update them about pop culture too. Blessed.

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