Kavya on Sleep

Armed with many such powerful quotes, an army of new-age hustlers has brainwashed plenty into believing sleep is a luxury one cannot afford to indulge oneself in. Alas, the hustle will only take one to heights one’s body can support!  And a chronically sleep-deprived body ain’t flying high. Not for long.

So, what’s the solution? Simply put, one needs to change one’s habits. Identify what’s wrong with one’s sleep ethic and incorporate scientifically validated methods to improve sleep hygiene.

This however is easier said than done. Changing habits wired so into our being. How does one even go about that?

For me, my experience as part of the Sleeper Cell program was an opportunity to find answers to these questions. And answers I did find!

Through Sleeper Cell we tried to make the community aware of the various factors that impact their sleep – ranging from room temperature and lighting, to how clean they keep their bedsheets. In a weekly series of fun Zoom get-togethers, we discussed the impact of food, exercise and lifestyle on our sleeping patterns and vice versa.

Not everyone answers to hardcore science though. Majority, however, do appreciate translation of that science into easy actionables that can not only be easily incorporated into their routine but can also be utilised to map one’s growth. I saw that firsthand as a part of the Sleeper Cell community.

When scientific research on sleep, hormones and circadian rhythm was packaged and communicated interactively – through group discussions(the chill kind), infographics and reinforced through daily challenges, the community responded! During the program run, everyone was learning from each other ( I for one learnt about hacks to make aromatic candles last longer), ideas and dreams were being exchanged and newer activities being incorporated into rigid routines.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for me has simply been the power of taking initiative. Talk is easy and more times than not, futile. To be a part of a community where people who feel strongly about something don’t just talk about it, they walk the talk – and involve the larger community while at it – is powerful. As a dreamy-eyed (trying to not be sleep deprived) young adult, it makes me believe in bringing about change through collective effort and innovation.

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