Climate and Equity Internship Introduction

This weekend Audacity’s new interns met to attend a orientation workshop lead by Scratchbac’s founder Jerry, and I have been fortunate to share that experience with them.

After a short briefing about Audacity itself from ShuenHwee (cofounder of Terraformers), the start-ups Woodsol, Scratchbac, Terraformers, HEA, ClubAgenda and Ulam introduced themselves to us. Then we started with the orientation workshop, that consisted of four phases (the double diamond or the 4Ds). With that method we learned how to develop an idea into a product.

Our job was to come up with ideas how to create a climate cafe targeted at the right audience to build Audacity’s community. Therefore we thought about some important questions such as Who are we targeting? What are their needs? What content might they be interested in? We then proceeded to focus on some main aspects we have to take care whilst organising the climate cafe. Marketing or recurrence of the attendees were just some of our main concerns.
With the help of sketching 8 solutions per person we had many ideas to build on and choose from, to create three final project concepts.
Our goal now is to actually take action and use these unique blueprints for our upcoming climate cafes. I’m very excited to help planning a possible climate party or attend the other really interesting ideas the other interns had.

Furthermore every intern, including me, now knows how to develop a small idea into a final concept. All in all it was a fun weekend full of networking, team work, learning and brainstorming.

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