Jakarta – The Big Durian

Indonesia has a population 270 million, making it the 4th largest nation and 10th largest economy in the world. With 37 million people and tracking to become the world’s largest city within a decade, the capital Jakarta is nicknamed The Big Durian by its residents.

With approximately 50% of Indonesia’s population being under 30 years old, Audacity decided tis the (durian) season! We sent our young sweet toothed minds to explore the fruit that bore this explosion of taste, art and entrepreneurship culture just two hours away from home.

Recce leader Gavin with the other Audacity community organisers

Day 1 (IPB)

We visited Bogor, the 6th largest city in Indonesia just south of Jakarta, to meet the bright minds that shape the future of Indonesian agriculture at Institut Pertanian Bogor University (IPB). We met Professors that introduced the several innovations that students produce in their final year for the betterment of their local communities. It wasn’t surprising that the impact to Earth was something that was considered in tandem during the product ideations. We were then blessed to share Audacity’s vision in a well put together conference. This also provided us with the opportunity to answer insightful questions by student founders. After visiting IPB’s farms and greenhouses over a span of what looked like unlimited acres of land, we bid our goodbyes and started our road trip to Bandung.

Day 2 (ITB)

In Bandung, we were given the opportunity to present Audacity’s vision to the country’s top talents in data science and information technology at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). A conference like set up allowed us to engage both professors and students on their journeys and roadblocks to make the world a more impactful one. We also had the chance to learn about ITB’s startup accelerator that proved to be the engine powering the entrepreneurship in a city known for its creativity. We closed the chapter on our day in Bandung amongst the 20 degree weather and views high above sea level with a lunch amongst the mountains. It was time for dessert and naturally, we made our night trip a journey back to the big durian, Jakarta.

Day 3 (Prasetiya Mulya)

After a sumptuous local breakfast, we headed to the most prestegious business university in all of Indonesia. Prasetiya Mulya was built with the help of some of the most successful Indonesian entrepreneurs and it was clear that the success was radiating throughout the student body. Our hosts also took advantage of visiting their alma mater for the first time post-covid and introduced us to the Vice Dean of Prasetiya Mulya. We had the chance to strike up an insightful dialogue about Audacity, Prasetiya Mulya’s origins and Indonesia plans for 2040.

Day 4 (BINUS)

Our last university trip was to BINUS University. Intriguingly, BINUS housed Indonesia’s one and only blockchain research team. This sparked a similar conversation around Audacity’s vision for a decentralised and sustainable future, which proved to be more relatable. Aside from the campus tour, we learnt that research in the blockchain space has been recently graciously supported by the local government making their lead researcher a vital seat on the board of Indonesia’s Blockchain Alliance.

Day 5 (Kampung Startup)

Finally, we had the chance to visit our energetic Gen-Z host’s hacker house. Aside from being gracious and hospitable hosts the past week, they too were entrepreneurs that focused on food security contributing to the circular economy with their company BioFeedPro. While they pursued to change the definition of waste with BioFeedPro, they gave us the opportunity to taste and feel their products. We presented some of our individual startups like HEA and Wooden Solar to spark possible collaborations that they seemed inclined to, with their hunger for regeneration. Our final stop concluded nothing short of a perfect end to our week long trip.


To end it all off, our team put together a mini documentary to perfectly sum up an unforgettable Indonesian trip. However, it really is just the beginning.


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