Open Archeology 3.0 – Part 1: Getting Started

Upon returning from the long May weekend visiting the archeological sites of Mount Jerai and the Bujang Valley, my 2nd generation collector friends BT and Rong commented on how quickly I had moved as a new collector. In three months and for the price of a family vacation, I had picked up about 50 artefacts [...]

Xin Yi on Friendly Robots

Modern robots were first invested in the 1950s and have rapidly become omnipresent in the past decade, and would be more so with the advancement of both technology and the human society. The Friendly Robotics Project fits into this environment by aiming to transform the way robots and humans interact.

Nathanael on the Uninternship

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Audacity across the summer as it exposed me to many ideas and concepts I was previously unfamiliar with. Amongst the various things gained was a newfound familiarity with the uncertain. While I cannot claim to be fully comfortable with the pursuit of crazy, unexpected ideas, I do think that [...]

Audacity Turns Two!

Audacity will celebrate its 2nd birthday next month.  After many interesting ideations and discussions, Audacity was registered and officially launched in late September 2019.  Three months later, covid-19 changed the world. We had just enough time to pull together a small organising team, throw a few rocking parties and events before the world went into [...]