Moonshot: Permacolony 2021

In the spirit of community and collaboration, onward Moonshot: Permacolony 2021. Excitement is ramping up within the community as we confirm our list of startups, lock in our mentors and tie up loose ends. While we count down to the 2nd run of Moonshot: Permacolony, we can't help but feel a tad reflective...

[E] #EnterTheNewNormal – Virtual Open City Series 01

Virtual Open City was an adaptation of our monthly open houses to keep the conversation flowing on the future of living, food, work and manufacturing. Typically, we would expect about 30 people streaming in at various times over at our physical playground in the far west of Singapore. After receiving over 270 people tuning in [...]

[W] A sustainable thing?

Today, we had the honour to be challenged by the founder of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) methodology - a combination of systems thinking, complexity analysis, iterative design thinking and co-creation in multi-disciplinary teams.