Climate Adaptive Technologies

New advanced manufacturing systems will be developed to address the issues with climate change. Innovating on new technologies in the fields of waste to energy, carbon capture and utilisation or water harvesting from air to catalyse the transformation in production systems.


Renewable energy and micro cycle of energy

A child today will grow up to see renewable energy become abundant, cheap and universally available.

Majority of energy sources will be renewable and off-grid. Energy will be available on demand and generated on-site. Anyone on the earth will get necessary energy anytime and anywhere. 

Regenerative, circular economy

A child today will grow up to see districts become energy independent by generating all their energy needs from diversified sources.

People are free from various kinds of grids such as water, electricity and waste management. Land utilisation will be increased and cities will be more decentralised.

Waste management (micro cycle) and energy harvesting

A child today will grow up to see innovative technologies extract valuable materials from waste that we currently consider worthless. All final wastes will be converted into energy.

Self-sufficient (energies including water) and self-recycle/reuse ratios will be driven by the behavioural changes of citizens/people and become essential measurements for the design of future cities/districts.

Events & Initiatives


Tackling the Climate Emergency

Colin and I just completed the Oxford Climate Emergency course. The objective of this course was to nurture business leaders to drive climate action and tackle the climate emergency.

Future of travel

Travel is here to stay, and the transition towards regenerative travel is inevitable. What would mainstream regenerative travel be?  

Paradise of abundance

Nature provides abundance. Abundance enables kindness. Let’s regenerate Earth to be a paradise of abundance for all. 

Exponential Agritech & Terraforming with A*Star

It’s been a while since our last virtual event, and we just had a great first one under tightened restrictions. While there might be a lot of screen fatigue with almost 1.5 years into COVID-19 times, a virtual event does have its own upsides too! We welcomed over 50 scientists in our first A*Star/Audacity exchange,…