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Audacity’s Climate Cafe has expanded to Ridge View Residential College, NUS. Some event weeks will be held there. Please refer to “Upcoming Events” for more details.



We welcome all passionate individuals who are concerned about climate change and are motivated to build climate solutions to reverse the crisis. The fight against climate change is daunting, and many could end up feeling lonely and helpless. We are here to build a support system and a safe space. You are not alone. Our climate cafe is a dedicated space where entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists and activists can come together to foster collaborations, and co-create game-changing startups/projects.

“We need a green planet but the world is on red alert. We are at the verge of the abyss. We must make sure the next step is in the right direction. Leaders everywhere must take action. First by building a global coalition for net zero emissions by 2050 in every country, every region, every city, every company, and every industry.”

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

What to expect

Guests to the climate cafe can expect to engage in discussions to help ideate projects, build startups or find collaboration opportunities. The session will be hosted by the various Audacity/Permacolony startups/projects. Free drinks will be provided.

Bring your best vibes. Take active steps to move away from climate paralysis to climate action.

Upcoming Events
Past Events

Apocalypse Resort & PhrontisteryJoin us as Jia Wei, the CEO of Wooden Solar, shares about his start-up. Living in a developed country like Singapore, you don’t think much when you flip the switch to turn on your lights, but what about people who aren’t so lucky? Join Wooden Solar as they talk about low cost engines that uses the most abundant source of energy there is – the Sun!
Find out more information here! https://woodensolar.com/
1300h- 1500h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Gardening… on the side of a building wallHydroponics has been trending and many believe the sky is limitless when it comes to building higher and higher vertical farms. Unfortunately, the sky is limited as Singapore is just too small and too densely populated. Join us as Royston Liew from Amplefresh shares about his start up that is growing food at the side of a building wall!
Find out more! https://www.amplefresh.sg/about
1400h – 1600h 2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Plastic recycling for 3D printing K.sugi is a social enterprise founded by students from NUS. We aim to promote a circular economy by giving a new life to waste products and enhance the welfare of low-income mothers.
1600h – 1800h Ridge View Residential College, Singapore 119081
Corals Surviving in a Sea of ChangeDr Jani Tanzil of the St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory is bringing a sea of knowledge to Audacity’s Climate Cafe. Join us for a deep dive into current research in coral reef conservation, and explore together a new frontier in our fight against climate change
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Food WasteJoin CEO Jayden from Soil Society for an evening dialogue at NUS Ridge View Residential College about food waste
1700h – 1900hRidge View Residential College, Singapore 119081
What’s the problem?We know climate change is real and we know what causes it (mostly), so why is climate change getting worse? Join the discussion about individual and systematic limitations of climate action
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
February 2022
Synectify Joined by CEO Peter Finn and CTO Jonathan Kochmer, Synectify is a Singapore start-up that will discuss the global problem of energy waste and our efforts to meet this challenge with the help of Permacolony.
Find out more about Synectify! https://www.synectify.com/about-us.html
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Climate Internships dialogue (Private session)An evening dialogue at NUS Ridge View Residential College, Audacity startups will share about the upcoming summer internship opportunities available
1600h – 1800hRidge View Residential College, Singapore 119081
February 2022
Planet & the MetaverseMetaverse is the new talk of the town. How does it apply as a solution to climate change? Join Aslam as he talks about the new world.
Find out more about Cultiv8! http://www.cultiv8.com.sg/
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
January 2022
Climate Unicorns SnapshotFacilitated by Jeremy, a presentation on Climate Unicorns followed by small group discussions.
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
January 2022
Singapore Space & Technology EditionUshering in 2022, we have CEO of Singapore space & Technology, Lynette, leading the session with a discussion on driving climate innovations.
Find out more about Singapore Space & Technology! http://www.spacefaculty.asia/
1400 – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Wooden Solar EditionJoin former Land Rover engineer Lim Jia Wei on his journey to enable all communities to own renewable power.
Find out more about Wooden Solar! https://woodensolar.com/
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Terraformers EditionBorn out of the love for travel, Colin and Shuen started Terraformers with a mission to make travel truly sustainable.
Find out more about Terraformers! https://terraformers.world/
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Geospatial simulationsFacilitated by Jeremy, joined by Lynette from Singapore Space & Technology Ltd, Le Yi from Ottodot, we will explore the potential of simulations for climate education.
1400h – 1600h2 Cleantech Loop, #01-01
Singapore 637144
Notable Events in Singapore


Founded by Luke Young and Rory Hornby, Alora is an ocean agriculture start-up that works to bring our farms into the ocean.

Alora managed to unlock a gene in rice to increase its salt tolerance. This allows the possibility of growing rice farms in our oceans.

During our climate cafe session, Luke shares Alora’s plans on ensuring the project does not damage sea life or negatively affect people living on the shores.

In just 3 years, Luke and Rory turned an idea into reality. Find out more information on their website https://www.alora.world/

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As more people take action against climate change, it’s sometimes hard to keep up to date with all the new developments. In this section, Climate Cafe Audacity have taken note of climate related events and condensed it in short and digestible manner.

Value-Based Green Transition for Singapore Businesses

19 August 2022, Singapore Polytechnic

We had an amazing opportunity to listen to distinguished guests: Mr Phillip Lim from Aquinas Global, Dr Amy Khor from Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), Mr Assar Qureshi from Regional Energy Counsellor, Royal Danish Embassy, Mr Humphrey Lau from Global Industry Sale, Grundfos and also none other than our very own Atsushi from Mistletoe!

If you’re wondering what Singapore is doing about sustainability other than throwing the word “sustainability” around, here are some highlights:

UOB is urgently pushing for more collaboration amongst businesses and stake holders in the years to come.

JTC is increasing their estates’ accessibility to reduce the need for personal vehicles and developing more efficient materials for their infrastructure.

MSE’s “Trash to Treasure” is turning the ashes from our incinerated trash into materials for infrastructure.

Royal Danish Embassy, spoke about collaborations with Singapore and their circular economy – one company’s waste is fuel for another company.

Grundfos spoke about India’s large lake drying out and efforts to restore it

Atsushi shared about Zipline Rwanda where a small start-up had positively impacted logistics in areas that need it.

“to understand issue, go to a place where the issues is most critical”

Meet the team

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Jia Wei
Colin Lim
Mira Shafiqah
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