PermaColony & Slingshot in 2021

Moonshot: Permacolony is back for a 2nd run! In 2020, we went global and virtual-only. The 2021 edition will be Singapore-focused, with a predominant physical component. As before, we will continue to support Slingshot - Southeast Asia's largest startup event. Details coming shortly

Exponential Agritech & Terraforming with A*Star

It’s been a while since our last virtual event, and we just had a great first one under tightened restrictions. While there might be a lot of screen fatigue with almost 1.5 years into COVID-19 times, a virtual event does have its own upsides too! We welcomed over 50 scientists in our first A*Star/Audacity exchange, [...]

The Limits of Capitalism

‘The world has gone mad and the system is broken’. Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater, once wrote in his late-2019 blog post. Just how mad have we gone?  With the continued growth of global GDP, our rational minds tell us that capitalism is a good thing. Yet, somehow it doesn’t [...]

Utopia, Applied

We are now a year into the Covid-19 triggered nation-wide lockdowns in Singapore and around the world. Apart from the health crisis, the focus is also shifting onto the growing debt crisis of nations that borrowed to stay afloat in the pandemic. Poverty, inequalities and divisiveness are surging and there is no clarity on actionable [...]

Interview: G20 co-founder Hans Eichel

“If you want peace, then prepare for peace” Hans Eichel, while chairing the G7, started the G20 with then US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to reflect the rebalancing of global power. As Germany’s finance minister during its landmark ruling coalition between the Social Democrats and the Green Party, Hans architected the fiscal reforms that turned [...]

DeMineCraft 1.0

DeMineCraft (DMC) Worlds was built to be an open innovation ecosystem focused on digital twin-based games with real world impact. The original notion behind DMC involves intertwining two different concepts: robotics and gamification into one big idea - a robot deminer controlled by gamers. In order to pilot-trial the concept, we narrowed our scope to [...]