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Climate Cafe

Saturday, 2 July 2022 | 1pm to 3pm

Join Wooden Solar’s team of apocalypse hackers for an ideation session to build a self-sustaining, climate resilient shelter. Get insights on how to engineer frugally for harsh environments – to weather the storms ahead.

DeMine Craft

Landmines left behind from the wars and revolutions have troubled many less developed countries. Inaccessible agricultural lands are under utilised and there are children growing around these dangerous zones. What if we could better utilise the time people spend on gaming to solve this? We could deploy human deminers to remove landmines remotely. Project DMC Worlds is an open innovation ecosystem focused on digital twins based games with real world impact. 


Shifting to a knowledge economy

In the future, 50% or more of current jobs can be automated.

People will be liberated from repetitive work and there will be a shift to skilled and knowledge-based work. Such a dynamic change in use of time and purpose to live, will lead to a drastic change in lifestyle and will be reflected in city design.

Future of work, living, play, moveable and modularised

As existing jobs become obsolete in the future, and with many things made on demand by the end user, concepts of “work”, “office” and “companies” will take on a different meaning.

Variety of jobs will be shifted dramatically, some will disappear and new ones created. More people will be independent of large corporations and become portfolio workers and project-based engagement. 

Orchestrating Team

Project Updates

DeMineCraft 1.0

DeMineCraft (DMC) Worlds was built to be an open innovation ecosystem focused on digital twin-based games with real world impact. The original notion behind DMC involves intertwining two different concepts: robotics and gamification into one big idea – a robot deminer controlled by gamers. In order to pilot-trial the concept, we narrowed our scope to […]

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