Line-up for Moonshot: Permacolony 2021

This year’s hybrid programme includes on-site activities 🎡 (on Fridays and Saturdays), virtual sessions 💻 (Mondays through Thursdays), 1:1 dedicated mentor hours 🙌 , and optional help desks 🤝 as well as elective programs on specific topics.

Activities and sessions have been specially curated for you and your startup. If you are not able to make it, please let your Audacity parent know so that they can inform the respective organisers of the session.

Remember to book an appointment with your desired mentor by 16 Oct!

Welcome Weekend 15-16 Oct (Unlearning)

Friday – 15 October (virtual). 14.00-16.00 💻

14.00. Hello Hello

14.03. Kimono Kakis Welcome & the BHAG

14.18. Audacity Vision – Unlearn, Unlock, Unleash

14.33. Permacolony 2021 Startup Introductions Z-A

Startups will have 4 mins each to introduce yourselves!

15.45. Kimono Kaki Wrap: AOB, Physical Meetup info, ART, Media Makeover

Saturday – 16 October (on-site). 10.00-17.00 🎡

10.00. Startups Helping Startups & Sorting Hat

10.45. Futurecasting 2040 & Goal Setting

The best way to predict the future is to create it. What is the future you want to create, and what are the goals and steps that will get you there? This is a fun exercise to check in with yourself, your mission, and the better world you seek to bring about.

11.30. Audacity Tour

12.30. Working Lunch – Futurecasting 2040 & Goal Setting

12.30 One-on-one Media Makeover with Colin Wee, AUDACITY’s resident documentarian

A brand is more than putting something that ‘looks nice’ out there. It is about being able to share authentic and relatable stories to make a difference. Equally important is being able to build your content assets. Good sustainable brands takes time to build. It begins the moment an idea was conceived – your ‘Why’ 😉. Catch-up with Colin Wee, veteran photographer/videographer and AUDACITY’s resident documentarian at the mezzanine to ignite your asset creation journey (and get new profile photos!)

Follow-up Optional Helpdesk 30-min sessions with Colin and Jan on Thursday 28 Oct (advance booking required).
You can also bring with you your current brand assets (logos, photos, videos, etc) for a review. Book your session here.

16.00. Software Prototyping for Founders with Su Yuen Chin, Vivita SG and MoMo Central

Startup founders do not need to be a software developer, but they should know enough to make good decisions and speak the same language as their technical team. For hardware startups, scalability is inextricably linked to making your product intelligent, which requires three key software layers – collecting and analysing data, controls, and the user interface. This introductory session is for startup founders who want to understand what software can do for you, and how to get started building your software team.

Follow-up Optional Helpdesk 30-min sessions on Friday 22 Oct (advance booking required)

17.00. Hardware Prototyping for Founders with Wouter van Hest and Jiawei Lim, AUDACITY’S Resident Innovators

Building hardware will always be difficult. Yet, from carbon capture to space travel to food resilience, many real world problems require physical tangible solutions. The good news is that with rapid prototyping technologies and services abound, hardware development has never been easier and more accessible. This session aims to re-establish the basics of understanding prototyping and problem solving from a sector-agnostic hardware perspective.

Follow-up Optional Helpdesk 30-min sessions on Friday 22 Oct (advance booking required)

Week 1: 18-23 Oct (Unlocking)

Monday – 18 Oct (online) 💻

16.00-17.00. Warmspace 🔥 Session

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17.00-18.00. Fireside Chat with Taizo, Atsushi and Jeremy

Youncles of Audacity discuss the characteristics of some of the startups which they are passionate about supporting. Like an acorn that is unafraid to destroy itself in growing into a tree, what are the unlearning, unlocking, and unleashing aspects that makes an audacious startup?

Tuesday – 19 Oct (online) 💻

16.00-18.00. Mentor Sessions

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18.00-19.00. Primer on Pitching with Ragnar, founder of Salto Network and co-founder of Pipedrive CRM

Ragnar is a serial startup entrepreneur passionate in building fast-growing startups. He started Salto Network to connect high potential startups with the best experts & advisors, and to disrupt the startup success lifecycle. He focuses on strategic investments aligned to his experience and personal values, specifically startups in B2B+Saas, and moonshot ideas in cleantech, climate, food & agritech. In November 2020, the Estonian-born CRM startup Pipedrive, which he co-founded in 2011, received a majority investment from US-based Vista Equity Partners at a valuation of US$1.5billion.

Wednesday – 20 Oct (online) 💻

15.00-16.00. Warmspace 🔥 Session

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16.00-18.00. Founders Wellbeing – A presentation and workshop with The Future Farm

The Future Farm is a global organisation and community dedicated to healthier entrepreneurship
Born out of the experience of its founders building, supporting and investing in businesses over the last decade, The Future Farm is building a new paradigm and movement for healthier entrepreneurship. The 2.0 model: with mental, emotional and psychological health and wellbeing of entrepreneurs and leaders at its core.

Thursday – 21 Oct (online) 💻

08.00-09.00. Dual-Use Technology with Lynette, Diana and Jeremy

Dual-use technology traditionally refers to technology that can be used for both peaceful and military arms. It can also refer to space technology that can be used on our planet and/or for humanitarian purposes. Audacity’s Jeremy chats our guests that includes Singapore’s space icon, a former consultant to NASA turned sanitation startup founder, and a multi-use, multi-faceted entrepreneur driven by faith.

09.00-11.00. Mentor Sessions

Remember to book an appointment with your desired mentor by 16 Oct!

16.00-18.00. IMPACT – A presentation and workshop with Masawa

Masawa is pioneering a new investment paradigm, Nurture Capital, that puts the human factor (including founder wellbeing and organizational health) front and center. Masawa’s Impact Fund invests in early stage founders and their companies revolutionizing mental wellness, primarily in Europe, via a Nurture Capital approach. Masawa’s Nurture Capital Advisory works with purpose-driven funders and investors to maximize their portfolios’ social impact, founder wellbeing, and organizational health for increased sustainable and social returns.

Friday – 22 Oct (online) 💻

13.00-16.00. Prototyping Helpdesk

Book a 30 mins 1:1 consultation with Suyuen, Wouter or Jiawei

16.00-17.00. Building Sales for Founders with Derrick Cheong

Saturday – 23 Oct (online) 💻

10.30-12.30. Workshop – Pitch Deck Review & Peer-to-Peer Building

Pitch practice in a safe space and exchange constructive feedback with your peers.

14.00-15.30. Workshop – Life Cycle Assessment with A*Star

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) drives mission-oriented research that advances scientific discovery and technological innovation. They play a key role in nurturing and developing talent and leaders for our Research Institutes, the wider research community, and industry. Their research creates economic growth and jobs for Singapore. As a Science and Technology Organisation, A*STAR bridges the gap between academia and industry in terms of research and development. In these endeavours, they seek to integrate the relevant capabilities of their research institutes and collaborate with the wider research community as well as other public sector agencies towards meaningful and impactful outcomes. 

Week 2: 25-30 Oct (Unleashing)


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