A next generation creator studio and makerspace that aims to democratise advanced manufacturing technologies to the masses seeding a ground-up maker culture. Our long-term view is that future precincts will have their own capability of manufacturing to serve the comprehensive needs of their residents.


On demand manufacturing and productions

In the future, anything and everything can be built within a short time frame with additive manufacturing. From infrastructure to even food.

People will know that anything will be produced on demand basis and close the gap between supply and demand, and reduce wastage and excess inventories.

AI, robotics, customised manufacturing, knowledge economy

More people can be creators and makers through the technologies that democratises making and creating, unleashing entrepreneurship and innovation.

Shifting from mass productions by large corporations to making things by ourselves and or local community basis.

Urban green to support local communities

In the future, technologies will be able to reuse and extract value from waste into highly innovative new uses for by-products. In the future, all waste will be converted to generate energy to power everything that requires electricity.

Self-sufficient (energy and water) and self-recycle/reuse ratios will be essential measurements of the future of cities and districts design, and behavioural changes of citizens and people will drive it.

Orchestrating Team

Partners and Contributors

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