Permacolony 3.0 is in the works!

In the meantime, watch the recap below or read about Retrospective on Moonshot: Permacolony 2021. If you missed last year’s run, Get in Touch with us to explore other ways of working together. We have welcomed aligned founders and startups to collaborate with us in other ways. This is a multi-year program toward building the first Permacolony by 2025.

Climate volatility and the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the way we live. There is critical urgency to build longer term resilience.

As fundamental shifts trigger megatrends in unprecedented human migrations, accelerating environmental and social inequities, and the race to colonise habitats beyond Earth – we started questioning ourselves…

What will help shape better alternatives for future civilizations? 

This led us on a mission to design and build self-sustainable and flourishing communities known as ‘Permacolonies’.

100% self sustainable in food, energy, water and production, each Permacolony is in itself a lifestyle designed to radically advance human capital and well-being. We have started building the first such experimental Permacolony, with key phases expected to be complete by 2025.

However, more hands on deck are needed to continue this mission.

Through multi-year bootcamps, we nurture high impact startups to embrace alternative ways of thinking to leapfrog current technologies.

Moonshot: Permacolony 2021 (SG Edition)

15 to 30 October

Moonshot: Permacolony is a program for startups that recognise the importance of scalable impact and longevity. The content of this year’s program is contributed by notable mentors, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs who are focused on nurturing Singapore-based startups looking to realise their moonshot idea for a more sustainable, livable and lovable society.

Partners on the mission

Speakers and mentors participating in this year’s Moonshot: Permacolony program. Check out their LinkedIn page by clicking on their faces or read about them here.

Atsushi Taira
Mistletoe Singapore
Ragnar Sass
Diana Yousef change:WATER Labs
Anton Wibowo
Trendlines Agrifood Innovation Centre
Clement Yang
Yina Chua
Singapore Polytechnic
Lee Chien Herr
Asia Practice
Stuart Oda
Alesca Life Technologies
Yiting Loh
Big Idea Ventures
Joshua Haynes

Mala Rajpal
William Koo
Temasek Life Science Accelerator
Lynette Tan
Singapore Space & Technology Ltd
Philip Lim
Aquinas Global
Vladimira M. Briestenska
The Future Farm
Tytus Michalski
Fresco Capital
Virginia Tan
Teja Ventures & co-founder, She Loves Tech
Nektarious Liolios
The Future Farm
Michael Emmersen
Terry Tan
Temasek Life Sciences Accelerator

John Sharp
Tania Kodliuk
Chief Science Officer
Dr. Ho Chaw-Sing
Gan Shiying
Family Office
Jonathan Lim
Satia Narjadin
Family Office
Alan She
Dr. Ow Yan Xiang
St John Island National Marine Laboratory
Sherman Ng
Salt Media and EntertainmentMartin Wittau
German Federal Association for Sustainability

Moonshot: Permacolony is a unique opportunity for startups to join forces and redesign the way we live so that we can tackle existential risks facing our planet.

Hear from founders who took part in last year’s Moonshot: Permacolony

“Moonshot: Permacolony was a great program that has helped us to find incredible strategic investors that share our vision yet understand the realities that come with it. This has made the world smaller as we have found many overlaps between networks and the potential to cross collaborate and work together. The broader challenges ahead must be done in collaboration with other passionate experts and this is an excellent opportunity to broaden networks and work together towards a common goal for a better future.” Read more about their experience.

Conor and Scott

About Moonshot: Permacolony

Moonshot: Permacolony is a multi-year startup program driven by members of AUDACITY – a community of like-minded collaborators, mentors and investors, committed to supporting startups to solve issues in communities, food, energy, work, education, healthcare and urbanisation.

The mission to build Permacolonies kicked off with a global call for startups in November 2020. The first Moonshot: Permacolony bootcamp was organised in collaboration with global venture builder Mistletoe, Singapore’s lead industrial infrastructure developer JTC Corporation, and Estonian startup growth accelerator Salto Network. Read about last year’s bootcamp here.

In 2020, the first run of Moonshot: Permacolony was featured as a special segment in SLINGSHOT 2020 at the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) – one of the region’s largest international startup pitching competitions. All startups selected for the bootcamp were featured on a special stage at SWITCH, with 2 out of the 20 fast-tracked to SLINGSHOT Top 100 Global Startups finals.

At the end of the program, startups who are selected to be a part of AUDACITY can enjoy:

  • Co-creation and deployment 🏗 of MVPs at multiple AUDACITY test-bedding sites e.g. Jurong Innovation District, Singapore’s largest living lab for innovation.
  • Potential investment 💸, grant support, and/or pilot customer opportunities by AUDACITY / Mistletoe.
  • Matchmaking 👥 sessions with other social impact investors, demand drivers, advisors, mentors, corporate partners, and researchers.
  • Continuous support 🙌 from AUDACITY community of like-minded founders and community members.
  • A rare platform to turn your moonshot vision into reality within a (truly) safe environment– no shame, judgement, fear of failure, just #TLC 🥰. 

Startups of this year’s program:

  • A Singapore 🇸🇬 presence
  • A regional or global 🌏 focus with the potential to make a strong impact on the future of humanity
  • An MVP or prototype 🪤
  • Identify with one or more of our 🤙 six focus areas:

Click on the bars below to reveal more about each theme:

  1. We envision a community where people are part of a self-sustainable food system that is resilient and regenerative.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Regenerative agriculture systems e.g. strengthening local farming inputs (seeds, soil, compost etc.), micro-farms in unused spaces, revival of native plants for food, medicine and material 
  • Sustainable consumption e.g. alternative protein and novel ingredients applied to local cuisines, improvements in taste and functionality (nutritional value and bioavailability) of food, easily-compostable food packaging 
  • Inclusive kitchens e.g. systems accessible across ages and needs, equipment that enhance safety and productivity, connected kitchens
  • Closed-loop food systems e.g. food waste valorisation from ‘unavoidable’ non-homogenous sources, upcycling plant waste into material, resource-conscious systems
  1. We envision a community where people experience universal well-being in an adaptive ecosystem that cultivates happiness and life satisfaction.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Technologies that spark joy and enhance life satisfaction e.g. explore potential of human behaviours
  • Systems and platforms that nurture closer personal relationships e.g. community/human engagement
  • Technologies that support physical and mental health e.g. wellness trackers 
  • Methods and devices that aid in the creation of meaning and purpose e.g. personal AI

We envision a future where people have greater time freedom and are able to work in a safe environment.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Cloud robotics e.g. controlling a fleet of unique robots remotely and securely
  • IoT embedded vision e.g. object detection with low power consumption
  • Sensor fusion e.g. collecting data from different sensors deriving meaningful insights


We envision a future where people have the ability to lead a regenerative lifestyle by way of conscious consumption.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Quantifying and monitoring planetary impact e.g. carbon sequestration measurement, biodiversity regeneration
  • Improving liveability to cope with climate crisis
  • Core technologies supporting humanity’s transition into a carbon negative civilisation e.g. unlocking geothermal energy, farming air for food


We envision a future where people have autonomy over their living spaces. There is increased access to sustainable materials, alternative structures, and integrated innovation across all aspects of living.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Deployable architectural systems e.g. modular structures, flat pack solutions, kit of parts
  • Off grid engineering systems e.g. renewable energy solutions with compact storage systems, alternative sources of water with comprehensive disinfection and treatment systems, waste management, closed resource loop infrastructure
  • Resource management technology e.g. digital twin / dashboards for resource monitoring and management alongside supporting hardware and software infrastructure
  • Material sciences e.g. alternative local building material, native construction techniques

We envision a future where people have the necessary skills to operate regenerative or closed-loop manufacturing systems that empower and enable individual autonomy.

For this to work, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Novel regenerative materials e.g. concrete, natural epoxy and biopolymers, etc.
  • Production and manufacturing e.g. methods and applications turning waste to wonder
  • Education systems e.g. breakthrough manufacturing process thinking, pushing of thought boundaries within the realm of self-sustaining, autonomous and distributed manufacturing
  • Design and structural systems e.g. novel use of locally-available, sustainable materials, namely textiles, wood and/or clay on land / in sea

Ways to collaborate

We are also looking for partners to support Permacolony through the following ways:

  1. Recommendation of suitable startups
  2. Mentoring startups during the program
  3. Sharing about Permacolony with relevant people in your network
  4. Speaking or hosting workshops during the program

If you are keen to contribute as a partner in this audacious endeavour, please write to us at permacolony@aufhaven.co

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