AUDACITY Office Hours
Monday – Saturday | 10.00 – 17.00
Consultations and clinics starting June 21, 2021

Address: Launchpad@JID, 2 Cleantech Loop, Singapore 637144

Play Spaces

SLICE (#01-01)

Mezzanine (via #01-01)

mFac (#02-03)

COVID-19 capacity regulations in place! To help coordinate safe distancing, please notify the person you are seeking consultation from at least a day in advance. Activities below!👇


Art, Built infrastructure & Woodcraft
Nihal +65 8932 2718
Derrick +65 9238 8954


Clay & Physiology
Nick +65 8790 5513

Tropical Hardware Hacks
Jiawei +60 16377 8545 (WhatsApp)

+65 9685 2012

Soil & Farming
Jayden and J.Beckman


Advanced 3D Printing & Material

Social Enterprises & Alternative Proteins
Aaron +65 9737 7837



Sleep, Human Flourishing and
Brand / Communications Help Desk
Virtual with Jan


Textiles, Lifestyle & Design

Architecture & Moveable Structures

Native Plants Compendium


Climate & Geospatial Simulations
at Singapore’s first Climate Cafe!
J.Sim +65 8408 0420

Media & Propaganda in the Apocalypse
Colin +65 9387 1728
J.Sim +65 8408 0420

Music & Crime
Decibel @zijungoescrazy (Telegram)
*alternate Saturdays

BioHacking & Transhumanism
Shane +65 8808 8099


Break Glass in Emergency
J.Sim +65 8408 0420


Exponential Agritech & Terraforming with A*Star

It’s been a while since our last virtual event, and we just had a great first one under tightened restrictions. While there might be a lot of screen fatigue with almost 1.5 years into COVID-19 times, a virtual event does have its own upsides too! We welcomed over 50 scientists in our first A*Star/Audacity exchange, […]

[E] #EnterTheNewNormal – Virtual Open City Series 01

Virtual Open City was an adaptation of our monthly open houses to keep the conversation flowing on the future of living, food, work and manufacturing. Typically, we would expect about 30 people streaming in at various times over at our physical playground in the far west of Singapore. After receiving over 270 people tuning in […]

[W] A sustainable thing?

Today, we had the honour to be challenged by the founder of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) methodology – a combination of systems thinking, complexity analysis, iterative design thinking and co-creation in multi-disciplinary teams.

SLICE Soft Launch

On 21 September 2019, we welcomed over 100 visitors potential collaborators and food enthusiasts to our playground. Many enjoyed our special Jurong Kaya, made with pandan leaves from the Jurong Eco Garden backyard (and lotsa love) by our low-vision chefs from Fortitude Culina. Here’s a a quick introduction to who we are: What is SLICE?Jointly […]