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10 teams have been selected to proceed to BUILD stage. These teams have two months to learn maker skills and build their first prototype which will be showcased at Prototypical Festival in June 2021. RSVP on our event page for updates and join in the fun to support your favourite teams/ideas on their prototyping journey!

Teams in Build Stage

  1. Be My Guide: Assistive technology that generates real-time tactile maps using lidar sensors to support the visually impaired in navigating independently through unfamiliar terrain.
  2. Blank.B: Mobile application that facilitates productivity management using proven strategies.
  3. Dewdrop: Water system that directs wasted air-conditioner condensate towards household water needs.
  4. Modular+: Next-generation modular structures and components that are deployable across different buildings.
  5. Multi+: Specially-designed kitchenware for an inclusive kitchen.
  6. Nyawa: Manufacturing eco-friendly biodegradable packaging material whilst simultaneously creating livelihoods for locals in Malaysia.
  7. Piezo Lads: Piezoelectric devices that harnesses wasted train-track energy to power signalling systems and track lightings in tunnels.
  8. Sortxt: Recycling bin system that sorts wasted textile to facilitate upcycling of textiles.
  9. superFARM: Modular & upgradable home hydroponic system that looks towards Singapore‚Äôs food security.
  10. Yolo: Smart cushion that detects and corrects posture for a better, healthier life.

Get a recap on DREAM stage here

About Prototypical

Prototypical is a creative journey where dreams are translated into opportunities. Passionate innovators are invited to join us to co-design a new urban paradigm through prototyping.

You will get to develop moonshot ideas with international innovators, learn new maker skills and build your networks to transform into the creators of tomorrow!

All youths (aged 15-35) committed to develop their ideas into prototypes can submit their applications individually or in groups of 2-3 pax by 4th Jan 2021 *extended*.

Team are currently in build phase. Follow us on IG for snippets of their progress.


Pick from one of the 5 exciting themes tailored for you. Share, develop and polish your moonshot ideas with diverse groups of innovators!

  1. Rethinking Resources: ‘Circular Economy’ is the new buzz as we explore an ecosystem approach to maximise the use of our finite resources. What are bold new ways for us to reinvent manufacturing and consumer behaviour in a sustainable way?
  2. Rethinking Spaces and Communities: Where we work, live and play is becoming increasingly intertwined. How can we transform industrial estates into livable and lovable estates that are vibrant and foster collaboration amongst communities?
  3. Rethinking Well-being: In today’s fast-paced world, well-being is increasingly recognised as a key and integral part of our lives and society. What are solutions in the physical and mental well-being space that can empower communities to lead more purposeful and joyful lives?
  4. Rethinking Food: Food is central to our lives. To enhance food security and buffer against supply shocks, what are ways in which we can grow and consume more sustainably?
  5. Wild Card: Your idea is in a category of its own? No problem. Define your own ambitious challenge for a more humanity-centric future.

Partnership Opportunities

Join us and contribute to SG’s innovators’ scene with these other key roles! More details can be found here. Contact us at if you are interested.


Do I have to attend the design thinking workshop?

Yes, the design thinking workshop is compulsory for all prototypical participants.

What if I am unable to make it for part of the workshop?

You are highly encouraged to set time aside for the workshop once you have committed to this Prototypical journey. At least one team member has to be present at all times for the team to qualify for the subsequent stages and receive funding support from Prototypical to build your prototypes.

Can I register for the competition individually?

Yes, you may. In the design thinking workshop, participants would be assigned to work in larger groups to co-create and develop ideas together. Participants will then have the option to merge teams and find like-minded individuals to embark on the prototyping journey with.

Can I participate in the Singapore Prototyping Festival without participating in Stage 1?

Yes, do keep a lookout for further details early next year. Stage 1 dream is specially curated to allow any dreamers with a revolutionary idea to refine, pivot and conceptualise initial prototypes to implement their solutions. However, do note that funding support from Prototypical to build prototypes is only awarded to selected participants who join in from stage 1.

What happens if I am not selected for Stage 2, but am still keen on picking up prototyping skills?

To promote hands on prototyping and experimenting, we would love to encourage more youths to become a maker. Hence, some workshops and trainings offered in Stage 2 will be made available to the public. However, priority access will be given to the shortlisted participants for these sessions. Also, you will not receive funding support to build your prototypes.

Do I have to create a physical prototype?

Yes, participants who are selected for Stage 2 will have to create a physical prototype to qualify for Stage 3. If your idea is a software/application, you would have to create an interactive prototype for Stage 3.

What do I get from participating in Prototypical?

At the end of Stage 1, selected participants will be provided funding support to build their initial prototypes. Selected prototypes at the end of Stage 2 will be showcased in Stage 3 at the Singapore Prototyping Festival. The most successful prototypes will be awarded cash prizes and access to further development opportunities. Refer to the participant booklet for more detailed information on opportunities and incentives.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more enquiries, please contact You may expect a reply within 1 week.