SLICE Farm-to-Fork Robo Cafe

An experimental food lab that supports innovative solutions across the full value chain of food and agriculture. A place where food meets innovation so that everyone – young or old, able or disabled – can enjoy a SLICE of the good life.


Decentralised, ‘zero-miles’ food production

Localised urban agriculture will be widely adopted to cater for a growing demand for food.

Every community will be self-sufficient in their food supply, capable of growing where they consume. Citizens understand that food security is not just a matter of the government. Instead, it will be achieved from the ground-up, with ingredients produced on multiple levels in homes, communities, schools, offices and urban farms.

Human augmentation technologies at your service

Voice-enabled food ordering systems with built-in AI capable of profiling your dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Assistive tech devices that empower visually-impaired chefs. Collaborative service robots that deliver food efficiently without losing the human touch.

Instead of replacing humans, automation and robotics will perform manual and repetitive tasks with greater productivity, allowing us to focus more on being creative.

Sustainable, closed loop food system

Food waste will be upcycled on-site, transforming what most would deem as trash, into treasure.

Discarded food can be treated in many ways – from reusing coffee grounds for producing furniture to amassing black soldier flies that turn waste into rich fertiliser for our urban farms. Closing the loop would not only help us utilise our limited resources fully, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Orchestrating Team

Project updates

Soft Launch Event – September 2019

Exponential Agritech & Terraforming with A*Star

It’s been a while since our last virtual event, and we just had a great first one under tightened restrictions. While there might be a lot of screen fatigue with almost 1.5 years into COVID-19 times, a virtual event does have its own upsides too! We welcomed over 50 scientists in our first A*Star/Audacity exchange,…

SLICE Soft Launch

On 21 September 2019, we welcomed over 100 visitors potential collaborators and food enthusiasts to our playground. Many enjoyed our special Jurong Kaya, made with pandan leaves from the Jurong Eco Garden backyard (and lotsa love) by our low-vision chefs from Fortitude Culina. Here’s a a quick introduction to who we are: What is SLICE?Jointly…