Vietnam Reflections

On the 7th of September, I was able to join Shuen (Co-Founder of Terraformers) on my first trip to Vietnam. My 18-day long trip was kind of unexpected since the […]

Jakarta – The Big Durian

Indonesia has a population 270 million, making it the 4th largest nation and 10th largest economy in the world. With 37 million people and tracking to become the world’s largest […]

Climate and Equity Internship Introduction

This weekend Audacity’s new interns met to attend a orientation workshop lead by Scratchbac’s founder Jerry, and I have been fortunate to share that experience with them. After a short […]

Vietnam – The Rising Tiger

I was joined by Rong in Vietnam for a few days in mid-August, to attend Blockchain Connect by JobHopin. We took the opportunity to also meet with different start-up founders […]

Impact 3.0 & the Olympics of Art

I spent eight days in Germany in late July, to attend Documenta and the launch of Web3.0 impact community building in Europe by one of our partner accelerators Lift99. After […]

Tackling the Climate Emergency

Colin and I just completed the Oxford Climate Emergency course. The objective of this course was to nurture business leaders to drive climate action and tackle the climate emergency.

Kavya on Sleep

Armed with many such powerful quotes, an army of new-age hustlers has brainwashed plenty into believing sleep is a luxury one cannot afford to indulge oneself in.

Irfan on Circular Fashion

Till up to today, every time I look at something beautiful, I can hear Kim’s voice “will you wear this for 30 years”. It got me thinking that I don’t need a lot of stuff.

Xin Yi on Friendly Robots

Modern robots were first invested in the 1950s and have rapidly become omnipresent in the past decade, and would be more so with the advancement of both technology and the human society. The Friendly Robotics Project fits into this environment by aiming to transform the way robots and humans interact.


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