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Virtual Open House

Friday, August 7, 2020, 1.45 pm

It will be the start of the National Day weekend here in Singapore so we’ve planned for a slightly special local edition for the 3rd instalment of Audacity Virtual Open House.

We’ll be celebrating the heros of a made-in-Singapore start-up, archiving forgotten dishes of Singapore and calling for students to start turning their visions into actions. The year 2020, has also created a new generation of thinkers. Could this be the tipping point for a more viable utopia?

Please RSVP below. Don’t forget to bring in mind, a forgotten local dish for a game of pictionary!


  • 13.45
    Hello Hello

    Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Check-in

  • 14.00
    Utopia Applied

    Jeremy and Yang En will be asking hard questions about what successful models for tomorrow’s societies can look like, and emerging new ideas that will shape societies in the next phase of human evolution. 

    Obsessive economic competition has been the mantra of most modern societies, often at the expense of other measures such as sustainability, equitability, and well-being. As we enter the new norm, what is the health of the global economic system? How are models based on fundamentals from Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, changing? 

  • 14.45
    Prototyped in Singapore

    Taking the ‘Made-in-Singapore’ pride to a new level, Siew Tzi and Cassandra from JTC will announce an open call for Singapore’s first Prototyping Festival – aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to turn their visions into experiments, transforming talk to action. 

    To inspire, Audacity’s youngest innovators Shuen Hwee, Zhe Ming and Jun Yong will be demonstrating a Harvester Robot prototype while Dr. Alan She will be showing us his Covid-19 innovation – Virestorm!

  • 15.30
    Startup Unleashed! e.p. #2

    @sushi speaks with Wei Jing and Seng Han of CraftHealth

    Imagine customising and printing your medicine, supplements and vitamins. Celebrating our local startup heroes, Atsushi Taira invites Wei Jing and Seng Han of CraftHealth to share their journey on what drove them to leverage 3D printing technology to simplify the process of pill taking for patients and consumers.

  • 16.00
    GUESS THIS DISH: Quest to revive forgotten recipes

    And of course, what is Singapore without talking about our love for food. Come with a recipe (in mind) of a forgotten local dish/recipe that you’ve not had for a really long time because no one cooks it anymore. Is it really forgotten or just underrated?

    We are building an archive of forgotten tastes to preserve memories of local recipes lost over the years with an Open Recipe Platform. And we’ll need your help. 

  • 16.30
    Community Chit Chat

    Hang out with us in this really cool virtual space that has been programmed to stimulate your senses as if you’re in a physical space. Link will be shared during the event. Platform is only compatible on Chrome and Firefox browsers.


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