Audacity is a movement to catalyse a humanity-centric future supported by innovative technologies. We orchestrate amidst chaos and seek aufheben moments with our philosophy of Unlearning conventions, Unlocking innovation and Unleashing transformation. Audacity welcomes innovators who can look beyond the current technology paradigm and test hypotheses across our agenda focus areas. With inclusivity as a core value, our initiatives are guided by a values-based culture to solve issues in communities, food, energy, work, education, healthcare and urbanisation.

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Upcoming Events

Virtual Open City #2Autonomy in the Age of Automation 20/20
Get more details of the programme and ticket here.
9AM – 12PMOnline
Moonshot: Permacolony w/ Salto Growth CampWe are looking for 20 startups to join us in building the world’s first Permacolony in Singapore. Apply by 30 Sep. 2020 here.
Time TBCLocation TBC
Archifest ShowcaseMore details to be added
Time TBCLocation TBC
DesignathonCall for prototypes. A collaboration with JTC and Singapore Polytechnic
Time TBCLocation TBC
SlingshotJoin us at one of the region’s largest innovation festival.
Time TBCLocation TBC


“We are thankful for the privilege to bear a conscious responsibility for history and humanity. By operating from the position of love, we are an inclusive ecosystem dedicated to innovation for the betterment of systems. Here, there is no one too young nor too old to change the world. Honest failures are celebrated and genuine successes, valued. We are optimistic and have faith in a social circular economy.”

Meet the people of Audacity


SLICE (Farm-2-Fork)

An experimental food lab with a focus on ‘zero-mile’ food cycle.


Reigniting a DIY culture to prepare society for a circular economy future.

Project Flourish

Transformative Technology augmented spaces for human-flourishing and wellbeing.

Project SHEA

Challenging today’s design approach for a sustainable, safe and more responsible world.


A growing experiment for alternative modes of living enabled by communal sensibilities and technology.

DeMine Craft

Open innovation ecosystem focused on digital twins based games with real world impact

Climate Adaptive Manufacturing

A sustainable approach to advanced manufacturing and production systems that emphasises the principles of qualitative customisation, localisation and the minimisation of carbon footprints.

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